The Boat Features

  • LARGE GROUPS The boat is suitable for groups up to 27 people.
  • FOOD & DRINKS On board we have plenty of catering options available.
  • RAIN OR SUNSHINE The boat has a foldable tent for rain and sunshine.
  • ON BOARD TOILET The boat has a toilet which can be used anytime.



Saigon Boat Company has a beautiful open boat to cruise the Saigon River. The boat has a capacity of up to 27 people. Because all guests can face each other while cruising the boat is perfectly suited for parties and dinners.

With our comfortable interior we will make sure you have a great time on the water.



The boat has large seats fitted with comfortable pillows. The engine is well isolated to keep noise to a minimum for relaxing trips on the river. If you require you can use our sound system to play music during the trip. See more pictures in our boat gallery

Starting point

Boat location

  • Check out this 3D google view of our boat (with raining season roof).
  • Our join-in tours start at Tan Cang Recreational Area A100 Ung Văn Khiêm, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • For Private charters we can start in District 1, Thao Dien or Saigon Bridge.