Terms & Conditions

Tau Saigon Co., Ltd.

(Saigon Boat Co., Ltd.)



The customer shall inform Tau Saigon at least 14 days in advance the number of passengers that will be joining the boat trip. The customer will have to pay the applicable extra fees when the customer shows up at the boat with more people than informed. Tau Saigon has the right to refuse passengers if the customer shows up with more people than the maximum capacity that the boat is allowed to carry. Tau Saigon will not lower the price if there are less passengers than informed by the customer.


Tau Saigon cannot be held liable for personal injury or damage of any kind, irrespective of the cause prior, during or after the boat trip. The only exception is the legal obligation to pay damages by willful intent or gross negligence by Tau Saigon. Compensation for personal injury or damages will never exceed the boat rental fee. Children are the responsibility of the parents.


The customer shall pay a 50% deposit 14 days prior to the boat trip. The remainder will be paid either immediately before the boat trip in cash or at least 2 days in advance by bank transfer.

Cancellation and no-show

The customer will have to pay 100% of the boat rental & catering fees in case of now-show. The boat trip can be cancelled free of charge in case of cancellation of more than 2 weeks before the date of the boat trip. Cancellation of 2 weeks or less before commencement of the boat trip will be charged as follows:

  • 2 weeks or less: 50% of the boat rental fee
  • 1 week or less: 100% of the boat rental fee and 50% of the catering fees

A boat trip is only considered cancelled when there is a written confirmation from Tau Saigon of the cancellation.

Onboard conduct & safety

Onboard the staff of Tau Saigon is in charge. Passengers are expected to behave in a responsible manner and to follow instructions of the staff.

  • Tau Saigon has the right to discontinue the boat trip at any time in case of irresponsible behavior of passengers or when passengers are not complying with the rules and instructions set by the captain.
  • Under no circumstances will items such as glasses or garbage be disposed of outside the boat.
  • Passengers intoxicated prior to the boat trip will not be allowed onboard. Excessive alcohol consumption is strictly not allowed onboard. The captain has the right to remove intoxicated passengers from the boat or stop the boat trip completely if deemed necessary.

Under no circumstances will funds paid be returned in case of any of the events occurring mentioned in this article.


The captain has the right to alter the route or stop the boat trip completely if the captain deems this necessary to guarantee the safety of the staff and or passengers onboard or in case a route has become blocked. No refund will be made in case of alteration of the route.