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Relax and enjoy the sunset

If you want a short escape from the hustle & bustle from Ho Chi Minh and enjoy the sunset take this boat tour. We will take you along the city’s richest neighborhood, beautiful green natural areas and the skyline of Saigon

Explore Ho Chi Minh City

This tour is designed for anybody that likes to take break from the busy city and just relax for a few hours. After this trip you will feel completely recharged to get back into the city.

We pass through the most affluent part of the city where you can see the richest Saigonese build their palaces, completely undeveloped natural areas with palm tree lined river banks and Thanh Da island, a rural area in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. The tour ends right in the heart of the city with a beautiful view of the rapidly developing skyline.

Onboard we serve ice-cold beers, wines, soft drinks and a selection of snacks

The tour is made in a luxury Vietnamese built boat. The boat is made from steel and the interior is completely covered with beautiful wood. On board there is a bar and a toilet.