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Thao Dien & Thanh Da island

This boat tour takes you around the Thanh Da island in the middle of Saigon River opposite of Thao Dien ward. During the tour you can enjoy the wide views of Saigon River and the beautiful palm tree lined green river banks. Along the way we will pass by small commercial river vessels, restaurants & coffee shops and the villas of Saigon’s rich.

District 1- Saigon

This boat tour takes you the heart of Saigon: District 1. Along the trip you can enjoy the views of the rapidly developing skyline of the city center. On the other side of the river you find District 2. In contrast to District 1, this area is covered with trees and small tributaries which we can explore by boat.

An Phu area

In An Phu, just behind the golf course of Rach Chiec, there is a totally green area which is largely uninhabited. This area is covered by tributaries of the Saigon River, forests and swamps and is an excellent opportunity to escape the chaos of Saigon. It will feel like you are in the Mekong Delta!

These areas will give you a great idea what the surroundings of Saigon used to look like before the construction developments of the last decades.

Phu Chau Mieu temple

Phu Chau Mieu temple or "Floating Pearl Temple" is a beautiful temple located on an island in the Vam Thuat River. The temple has completely been decorated with bright colored mosaic and broken pottery pieces. It makes a great stop during a tour on the Saigon River around Binh Quoi.

This tour will take you along green river banks and gives you a chance to see one of the less frequently visited temples in Saigon.


The Boat

Saigon Boat Company has a beautiful open boat to cruise the Saigon River. The boat has a capacity of up to 27 people. Because all guests can face each other while cruising the boat is perfectly suited for parties and dinners.

  • Suitable for groups up to 27 people.
  • We have plenty of catering options
  • A foldable tent for rain and sunshine.
  • The boat has an onboard toilet
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